Wood Stoves

Dependable. Rustic. Low-cost.

Highly efficient and environmentally responsible, wood stoves allow you to rely on your own source of heat.  They are made to keep your home cozy for 8-10 hours straight without the need to refuel, and a properly sized wood stove with dry fuel will supplement between 70-90% of your current heating bill.  And because they rely solely on wood power, these stoves function as a heat source and cooking surface in the event of an extended power failure.  They are sturdy, long-lasting heating systems and come in rustic, traditional, and contemporary styles.  Below you will find a brief description of just some of the many lines we carry.

Soapstone and cast iron make the perfect team in Hearthstone stoves.  Together with the generous fireboxes, these parts together produce radiant, reliable, and consistent heat.  A single lever control allows for easy operation, and the non-catalytic combustion system for efficient, clean burning.  Additionally, a typical stove burns 8-12 hours of sustainable heat to keep your home cozy during winter months. 

Enerzone wood stoves are made by Stove Builders International, one of the premier manufacturers of wood-burning appliances in North America. Their extremely large and ultra-modern manufacturing plant allows for reduced assembly costs, resulting in high quality wood stoves available at prices well below their competition. Enerzone’s craftsmanship can be seen in every fine detail, from the state-of-the-art combustion technology to the traditional beauty of the finest steel.

Timeless, beautiful craft and non-catalytic technology make Jotul stoves some of the best.  Designed from cast iron and steel, these wood stoves function with cleanliness and efficiency.  Plus, many are equipped with both front and side loaders, making for convenient operation.  And coming from the trusted, well-established manufacturer, you can be sure these stoves will heat your whole home as well as enhance the décor.

Push a button, and you’ve got a fire.  Lopi stoves are all equipped with the GreenStart ignition system which eliminates the hassle of lighting a fire.  In addition, these stoves are among the cleanest burning, most reliable and efficient products in the world.  Constructed from heavy duty steel and made for unbeatable heat output, many also offer a nice cooking surface in the event of power failure.

The GreenStart igniter is also used in Avalon stoves, which are ideal for zoning or heating small homes.  Efficient even in overnight burns, these stoves are known for their style, performance, and quality.  Plus, the large fireboxes and viewing areas make them among the most eye-catching stoves available. 

Buck Stove produces heavy duty, exceptionally built products—many of which heat over 2,000 square feet.  Designed to meet the most stringent emission standards while forgoing catalytic combustion, these stoves are clean burning and efficient.  Most are equipped with a large ash pan for easy removal, and once again, they are sure to keep you warm during the coldest seasons. 

All in all, a wood stove is a great choice when you want a constant, reliable, and easy-to-use heat source.  Call or come by the store today to find out more information!

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