Add-On Wood/Coal Burning Furnaces

Long-lasting.  Low Cost.  Multipurpose.

Add-on wood burning furnaces are often chosen by those wishing to minimize propane, oil, or electric expenses.  Their large firebox capacities help produce a significant amount of heat which is then evenly transferred throughout the home.  Automated controls allow for ease of access, and the multi-purpose design makes operation extremely convenient.  We carry both Fire Chief and Woodchuck wood burning furnaces, and all three sizes of each line are available in our showroom.

Fire Chief furnaces are among the best quality products available.  Built to the highest standards of manufacturing expectations, each unit is equipped to last through the harshest weather conditions.  A fully insulated cabinet allows each furnace to produe around 100,00 BTUs and heat up to 2000 square feet.  Plus, a prewired electric system makes installation quick, easy, and less expensive.  A significant option available is a hot water coil designed to preheat water in a domestic hot water heater—meaning increased efficiency for the overall system.

The Woodchuck is known for eliminating all the hassle of in-home wood burning.  WoodchuckLike Fire Chief units, the Woodchuck furnace offers a comfortable and evenly-distributed heat for your home.  A cold air return filter box protects the blower from foreign materials and objects, while a three speed motor provides varying circulation based on the heating requirements.  Each furnace also contains the Smart Box, which controls nearly every aspect of the unit itself—from fuel levels, temperatures, and thermostat functions.  And of course, each Woodchuck’s durability lets it produce lasting warmtheven in the coldest winter season.

Whether you’re looking for the most durable furnace or simply a way to cut some heating costs, then an add-on wood burning furnace might be just what you need.  If you have questions about either Fire Chief or Woodchuck furnaces, give us a call or come by the store today.

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