Fireplace Inserts & Hearth Stoves

Fireplace Inserts and Hearth Stoves 

Fireplaces inserts and hearth stoves are two highly effective ways to convert an existing masonry or steel shell fireplace into something more sufficient.  Both systems are high (70%) efficient, meet EPA emission requirements, and turn the old fireplace into a decorative, functional system.  However, both systems also require the installation of a stainless steel liner from the top of the chimney to the flue collar of the stove.

Fireplaces inserts are equipped with airtight, attractive glass fronts which give a full view of the fire.  Burning for 7-9 hours on a full load of fuel, they produce significant amounts of heat and are perfect for heating the house in the event of a power outage.  As it is, inserts reduce heating costs while providing comfortable heat for your home.  They most often feature a large glass and a blower system to move the heat throughout the house.

Hearth stoves are designed to sit either in front or partially inside of a conventional fireplace. Available in steel, cast iron, and soapstone models, they often include a large firebox, ash pan, and ample cooking surface.  One advantage to hearth stoves is that they do not require a blower for effective heating, therefore making for a noiseless fireplace experience.  Their glass fronts give a nice view of the fire, and they, too, will help reduce heating costs while also providing ambiance for your home.

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