Gas Fireplaces

Efficient. Simple. Beautiful.

The H5 from Valor

Often referred to as “zero clearance” fireplaces, gas fireplaces combine the desirable factors of several heating systems into one: the efficiency and availability of gas, the ease of installation and simplicity of venting units, and the beauty and charm of a traditional fireplace.  Designed for a new house or renovation project, these products can be fit to suit your particular home needs.  Set along an exterior wall and vent directly outside without a vertical chimney, or place on an interior wall and vent through the roof with a close clearance pipe.  Whatever your choice, know that a gas fireplace will keep you warm, raise your home’s value, and save on heating costs.

Go with Kozy Heat for fireplaces with large, impressive viewing areas and realistic logs and burner sets.  With full function remotes for complete control, these products allow for maximum comfort and efficient output.  The exterior is just as remarkable as the heating system itself; porcelain reflective panels and a hand-crafted front encase the adjustable flames, while accent lights and a stylish finish bring out the fire’s beauty.

Hearthstone Orion 46 8920 Smaller Size

The Orion 46 8920

Hearthstone is revolutionizing the gas fireplace with the introduction of the Orion direct vent, wall mount gas fireplace. This modern gas fireplace hangs on your wall, and there is no need for an additional structure in which to insert the fireplace, such as a bump-out or chase. In fact, it’s almost as easy as hanging a picture! Second, it is direct vent, which means it needs no chimney. Offering all of the benefits of a traditional gas fireplace—heat and beautiful flames—the Orion can be installed in virtually any room of your home. Also available from Hearthstone is the Aeries line of gas fireplaces. These beautiful wall mount fireplaces offer many of the same features as the Orion, but are vent-free.

Choose Valor fireplaces for an especially environmentally conscious experience.  Exceeding expectations in efficiency, engineering, and design, these fireplace operate exceptionally well.  An aluminized firebox and stainless steel burner allow for a longer lasting fire, and realistic logs and firebrick liners provide that “real” fireplace look.  Plus, each fireplace contains a generous viewing area that give the full view of the glowing embers and modulating flames.  To be sure, Valor’s use of quality materials and latest technology will make the gas fireplace the highlight of the home.

Pick from a variety of Lopi, Avalon, or Fireplace Xtrordinaire models for a personalized, right-for-you fireplace.  The fronts are complete with sturdy, high clarity glass as well as accent lights that bring out the flame.  The heating system itself is high performance and uses only the most energy saving technology.  Several sizes and fronts are available, and styles range from modern and innovative to classic and impressive.

Efficient, simple, and beautiful—what better combination to have when choosing your home-heating system?  From classic to contemporary models, a gas fireplace is one of the highest functioning systems on the market.  Plus, most models are available in eye-catching finishes which add to the décor and value of your home.  Need more information?  Come by the store today to view our current models and talk with us about whether a gas fireplace is right for you.

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