Freestanding Gas Stoves

Easy. Efficient. Low-cost.

Lopi Greenfield

The Greenfield from Lopi

Freestanding gas stoves are national top-sellers—and for good reason.  Versatile, efficient, and easily installed, these products are sure to keep your home cozy during the winter months.  Generally used to heat a specific room or zone, they provide the convenience and cleanliness of gas burning while producing equal heat to that of wood.  Also, gas stoves can often use the same non-combustible hearth and chimney as a wood stove, making it simpler for those already owning such products.  Gas stoves are often equipped with remote controls and blowers, contributing to a hands-off, hassle-free system.

Varieties of freestanding stoves are currently available from several manufacturers.  Lopi, for instance, offers stoves of high quality and elite performance.  Through the use of award-winning technology, these stoves produce beautiful, realistic flames—and each model is designed to give you complete control of the heat.  Similarly, several of Vermont Castings stoves come with total system control options, allowing you to adjust the fan and flame levels with just one remote.  Their designs include quality cast iron complete with operable front doors and flexible installation options. Each each stove contains a multi-piece high density log set, adding a stylish touch to timeless designs.  Finally, Hearthstone combines classic looks with modern technology to produce efficient and innovative stoves; many of their stoves use soapstone to create the longest-lasting heat affects.

So, regardless of the model or brand you choose, freestanding gas stoves bring both style and outstanding warmth to your home.  With a wide selection of models and designs–including vent-free or direct vent, large or small, stone or enamel—each product is made for efficiency and easy installation. Plus, they are sure to keep your home cozy during the frigid winter months.  Come by the store to see our selection of freestanding gas stoves today!