Outdoor Fireplaces

When most people think of an outdoor fireplace, they think of an open, wood burning style. But there are other options which allow you to entertain guests outdoors and keep everybody warm outside when the weather begins to get cold. Two of these options are a gas fireplace from Valor or an electric fireplace from Amantii.

Valor’s radiant heat advantage is making its way outdoors with the L1 Outdoor Series. This sleek, linear, modern design is optimal for outdoor living. Open fronted fireplaces simply cannot match the radiant performance of a well engineered direct vent gas fireplace with a glass window. Excess air through an open-fronted unit “washes out” heating performance, causing radiant output to plunge. Using a Valor Radiant fireplace outdoors provides the kind of heat you need to take away the chill and provide glowing warmth. And with no electricity required, there’s no noisy fan, and if the power goes out, you can still enjoy your fireplace.

Valor L1 Linear outdoor

Valor L1 Outdoor Linear Series

The Panorama Series of built-in electric fireplaces from Amantii is designed to give you the maximum in flexibility in selecting a unit that perfectly suits your needs. This series gives you multiple length (40-88 inches) and depth options (Slim and Deep), as well as the ability to install your fireplace with your choice of finishing material built right to the glass for a “clean face” design or using the provided black metal surround. All models feature the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set, and with just a click of your remote, you can easily change the flame color from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow. The Slim fireplaces feature the newest dual flame blue/multi-color flame presentation and come with large clear glass nuggets and clear & blue diamond fire glass media. Deep models come with large glass nuggets, diamond fire glass media and an 11 piece log set.

Amantii BI-72 Slim

Amantii BI-72 Slim

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