United Buyers Group




Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s offers financing through the United Buyers Group Consumer Financing Program. The United Buyers Group is made up of hundreds of the best manufacturers, service providers, and independent businesses in the fireplace industry—such as Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s.


Stove and fireplace financing Belmont County is a terrific option for homeowners. Here are just some of the many benefits: 

  • Start enjoying your new fireplace sooner!
  • Make a long-term investment that adds value to your home.
  • Secure financing with United Buyers Group in a few easy steps.


With United Buyers Group on hand, you can:

  • Leverage Flexible Financing Options, which allow you to purchase your fireplace now.
  • Rather than settling for a lesser option today only to upgrade it later, you get to select the right fireplace for your home from the start
  • Easy, straightforward process makes the purchasing stress-free!
  • Increase value in your home with the addition of a beautiful new fireplace


Do you qualify?

Your application to apply for financing is quick and easy. It will take only a few minutes and if approved, you’ll be on your way to having the fireplace of your dreams…today! Isn’t it worth it to take advantage of this offer?

Click the UBG logo above for additional details.


When you’ve been approved…

Go to Fireplace ‘n’ Fixins to speak with a team member about the options available to you. We’re happy to help you determine your next steps so you can begin enjoying the warmth and beauty of a new fireplace or stove in your home.