Top 3 Reasons to Sweep your Chimney

Top 3 Reasons to Sweep your Chimney

Before you know it, autumn will be here—the perfect time to cozy up in front of your wood-burning fireplace. However, before you start that first fire of the season, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends a professional inspection and cleaning.

Here we’ll discuss the top three reasons an annual inspection and cleaning are essential.

Prevent a fire

Over time, a natural substance called creosote creates a glaze that is highly combustible. This soot and dirt buildup can clog the interior of your chimney, not to mention be the most common cause of a fire. When a fire occurs, often it isn’t even visible—it can be a slow progression, spreading into your walls and onto your roof. With proper care and maintenance of your chimney, however, you can prevent a fire in your home.

Prevent damage

Have you noticed a black film around your hearth or interior of your fireplace? That is a buildup of soot that can be kept under control with regular cleaning. The same buildup can exist around the flue, too, preventing the smoke from being drawn up through the chimney. And, because it has to go somewhere, the smoke may dirty your carpet and furnishings.

Stay healthy and safe

A poorly maintained fireplace is dangerous. If your chimney hasn’t been swept or the flue is in poor operation, a buildup of carbon monoxide can pose a health hazard. Breathing the fumes of this dangerous gas can cause headaches, nausea, and fainting, and can be deadly.

Before using your chimney this fall, consider having it inspected by a certified chimney professional at Fireplace ‘n’ Fixins. It’s important to keep your chimney and flue cleaned on a regular basis.

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