The Benefits of Gas Fireplace Inserts


Nothing could be cozier than curling up next to a roaring, warm fireplace, far away from the winter chill. Of course, all that warmth and snuggle time seems suddenly less worth it when you have to chop wood, clean up ashes, and monitor the hearth to make sure nothing catches fire. Avoid the hassle but enjoy the warmth by having a gas fireplace insert installed instead.

There is nothing easier than starting a fire in a gas fireplace insert. Basically it is as easy as flipping a switch and turning on the fireplace insert. Enjoy the feeling of a fire by just turning on the fireplace insert with no pre-planning.

And when you are done? Just turn it off. Don’t worry about constantly checking to make sure the ashes are cool. Actually, no ashes at all. Nothing to clean up. And speaking of clean – the gas insert means that there is no smoke wafting into your house. It is a very safe and clean fireplace, not all that different than a gas burning furnace.

We should also mention that the cleanliness is not limited to your house alone. Burning gas in your fireplace instead of using a wood burning fireplace releases less smoke and pollutants into the environment. You are not only keeping your home cleaner; you are keeping your whole neighborhood cleaner.

The gas insert will provide more than flames for entertainment and a cozy ambiance. Today’s gas insert fireplaces actually will help heat your home. The largest units can heat up to 3,000 square feet. That’s a lot of heat to add to that flickering flame ambiance.

At Fireplaces ‘N’ Fixin’s, we¬†can help your choose a gas insert that is right for your home and help you enjoy the fire without the mess.