The Benefits of a Wood-Burning Stove

A frigid winter has settled around the Ohio Valley area, and we have a steady stream of customers who come into our store looking for energy-efficient heating options.  Many of these customers have heard about wood burning products but don’t know enough to consider them for their house.

Energy Efficient and Long-Lasting

Here are some of the advantages of buying a wood burning stove:

  • It’s environmentally responsible.  The carbon footprint of wood—whether it’s rotting in the forest or burning in a high-efficiency stove—is the same.
  • It helps protect homeowners from rising fuel costs. A high-efficiency wood burning stove or fireplace insert can be used to supplement 70-90 percent of a home’s central heating.
  • It heats up a room or area much more efficiently than many other heat sources, and doubles as a cooking surface if your power goes out.
  • It’s long lasting.  How long lasting, you ask?  As much as 50 years.  Buy the best model that you can afford, because your wood burning stove will be a permanent fixture in your household. Plus, a single load of fuel can burn for about 8-10 hours.
  • It can be a showpiece in your home.  These stoves are made to complement your interior space, and you can choose from different finishes, colors, and styles.  From a stove that looks great in a cabin to one to makes a modern living room stand out, a wood burning stove is not only a heat source—it’s décor!

High-Efficiency Wood Burning Stoves

Our wood burning stoves are made from steel, cast iron, or soapstone and come in a variety of colors. The heat settings are adjustable and with proper firewood, these stoves can save on fuel costs.  Those savings certainly add up over the decades!

Fireplaces ‘N’ Fixin’s carries several lines of wood burning stove products. We’re always happy to help you pick out a product that is perfect for your home.