Safe Fireplace Halloween Decor

Halloween décor safety tips

Our friends and neighbors in Ohio Valley love Halloween! We dress our homes with cornstalks and carved pumpkins, while we create spooky graveyard scenes in our front yards. Sometimes, we go as far as adorning our interior with seasonal décor to create a traditional haunted house theme. And, what better place to showcase our seasonal decorations than on the mantel. Fireplace ‘n’ Fixin’s knows your fireplace is one of the most beautiful fixtures in your home. But, when choosing to add seasonal decor, be sure to take keep fire safety in mind.

Cornstalks and dried flowers. If you’re interested in creating a festive look this fall season, it may seem like a nice Fireplaces Wheelingidea to line your mantel with dried flowers, artificial gourds or real cornstalks. This, however, is a very dangerous idea. Cornstalks and dried flowers are just that – dried out. The smallest spark from a flame could ignite them in an instant. Artificial gourds and pumpkins are also charming and don’t rot, but putting them, or any decorations, along with the hearth of your fireplace, is another cause for concern. Avoid any hearth décor and consider utilizing hurricane-style vases and fillers for the mantel and avoid devastating consequences due to exposed decorations.

Spider webs.
 Synthetic webbing can easily be stretched and attached to the rougher edges of brick. If you have a brick chimney face, don’t get tempted to add any webbing here. Synthetic, and natural fibers, are incredibly flammable and can go up faster than you can count 1-2-3! Keep webbing away from your fireplace. Better yet, avoid using it indoors altogether.

Cascading decorations. 
Every craft store sells seasonal cascading flower décor and season banners. If you plan on using your fireplace at all, don’t allow anything to drape, cascade or hang over the edge of your mantel. These items are easily susceptible to catching fire.

: Even if you decide not to light a fire in your fireplace, many put candles in lanterns and carved or ceramic pumpkins on their mantles. There are plenty of affordable, battery-operated candle substitutes out there. Consider flameless candles when decorating.

Per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly half of decoration fires are caused by décor placed too close to a heat source. Remember, fireplaces are for fires. Always be cautious of what you put on your mantle or near the hearth, and always check back for more safety tips from your friends at Fireplace ‘n’ Fixin’s. We serve Martin’s Ferry, OH and Wheeling, WV and beyond!