Never too early for Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Summer is here, the perfect time of year for a chimney sweep and inspection. Chimney sweeping might sound counter-intuitive in the summer—the last thing we should be thinking about this time of year is sitting inside before a toasty fire. However, there are a number of advantages of booking your chimney cleaning and inspection now, during the off-season.

Practice fire safety and prevent a disaster

Did you know the leading cause of home fires stems from chimneys that aren’t properly cleaned? That’s because a buildup of creosote can corrode your chimney and put your family in danger.

Humidity can create a problem inside your home

Is your closed damper well-sealed? If not, you may be experiencing unpleasant odors in your home during the summer months. Not only that, during the dog days of summer, your flue liner may become corroded by the humidity, wearing away mortar joints. It can pose a serious hazard. 

Get a jump start so your chimney is ready for use this fall and winter

We’d hate for repair work to delay your use of your chimney. For instance, if your chimney does require maintenance, now is the ideal time for that work to take place because you aren’t limited by cold weather.

We’ve seen it happen before—a homeowner forgets to schedule their chimney inspection until fall, and by the time they call, everyone is booked up. Adding further insult to injury, they discover that their chimney requires maintenance. However that work can’t be done because of inclement weather. The homeowner isn’t able to take advantage of their chimney until half-way through the winter season.

Scheduling is a breeze

Chimney sweeps are more available during the off-season. By scheduling now, you’ll get the day and time of your choice, fitting into your busy schedule. Don’t wait! Take advantage during this off season to get everything handled.

Although we all love our fireplaces in the winter, in order to keep yours in top working order means a periodic cleaning and inspection by a professional. Chimney sweeping Martin’s Ferry, Ohio is looking out for your best interest. Don’t wait—call us today to schedule your next appointment!