Incorporating a Fireplace in Your Home

Choosing an electric heat source for your Wheeling home

Installing an electric fireplace in Wheeling is a perfect way to add an attractive heat source on a budget. With advances in technology and visual appeal, electric fireplaces are running neck and neck with their gas and wood counterparts. Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s supplies many of our Wheeling customers with electric fireplaces. Here are a few reasons we think you should consider installing an electric fireplace into your Wheeling home this winter season.

Plug and Play: A Simplified InstallationFireplaces Wheeling

Gas fireplaces require a gas line and a natural gas supply. Wood-burning hearths require a chimney. Electric fireplaces simply require an outlet. In some cases, if the homeowner wants their electric chimney flush into their wall, a minimal amount of drywall may be required. Other than that, it’s a straight forward installation. Apartment and condo renters can also enjoy the warmth and atmosphere an electric fireplace if your landlord or property manager will allow them. They can also be added to any room, including master bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices – places that otherwise would typically require masonry, new gas lines and other types of construction.

Cost Effective & Energy Efficient Qualities

Firewood costs money and requires some maintenance each season, including chimney sweeps and an annual inspection. Natural gas and pipe installation aren’t cheap either. When you decide to install an electric fireplace in your Wheeling home, you can rest easy knowing your home will be smoke-free. Nor will there be a risk of creosote build-up – a known chimney fire hazard. Overall the installation and cost of running an electric heater annual is a great way to add a heat source without breaking your budget.

To Heat or Not to Heat

A bonus feature to your Wheeling home’s new electric fireplace is choosing the heat, or not. While it’s a great way to heat a room, you can simply turn it on and enjoy the look of a fireplace without omitting warmth. This trend is becoming ever-so-popular among architects and interior designers as you can create the visual appeal of a fireplace all year-round.

Customizable Electric Fireplaces Wheeling

Electric fireplaces come in all sorts of customizable options. There are wall-hung varieties, entertainment center cabinets, masonry fireplace inserts, and built-ins. There are those controlled by remote controls and others you choose the ember color, brightness and “flame” speed. You can choose from different surrounds to accompany contemporary, traditional, modern or rustic décor. And, if your home has the space, you can even install a see-through electric fireplace, able to be enjoyed from two rooms.

Installing an electric fireplace in Wheeling is easy than ever. Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s is Ohio Valley’s leading gas, wood, and electric fireplace retailer. Call one of our fireplace experts today – 740-635-3766!