How Does the Big Green Egg Work?

If you are looking for a grill that reaches the perfect cooking temperature and is ready to grill in just minutes, then the Big Green Egg is the grill for you! This easy to use charcoal grilling option combines ancient tradition and modern technology, resulting in an efficient and durable grilling product.

With a wide variety of grills for sale in Wheeling, it is important to understand how this innovative grill works before you make a purchase.

Patented Technology for a Simple and Convenient Cooking Experience

The Big Green Egg is a charcoal grill that can be started using Big Green Egg’s lump charcoal made from natural cuts of Big Green Egg Wheelinghickory and oak or an electric starter, eliminating the need for lighter fluid. Once the charcoal is lit in the sealed firebox, the heated air exits allow you to control the air flowing through the ceramic cooking chamber.

These heated air exits work in conjunction with the precision flow draft door at the bottom of the grill that controls the amount of air that enters the firebox. This patented air flow system allows you to smoke, grill, or bake at more precise temperatures compared to other charcoal grills and even household ovens. This grill is also equipped with a temperature gauge to help you monitor the temperature throughout the cooking process.

Safe to Use and Easy to Clean Grilling Option

The Big Green Egg is not only a convenient and precise cooking option but is also a safer and easier to clean option compared to other grills. The ceramic surface of the grill does not get as hot as traditional grills and the grill’s heat source is covered within the ceramic firebox in the base of the grill.

This grill is also equipped with an easy to clean professional grade stainless steel cooking grid and a durable glaze that can be wiped clean without any harsh chemical cleaners. Like a self-cleaning oven, the residual heat inside of the grill can burn away grease build-up, leaving behind minimal ash build-up.

If you are looking for a new grill that burns cleaner and is safer to use, you can browse Fireplace ‘n’ Fixins’ stock of the Big Green Egg grills. Our Wheeling area professionals are ready to help you find the best grill option to suit your summer grilling needs!