Cost of Gas, Electric and Wood Fireplaces

Wheeling’s Guide to Fireplace Installation

When it comes to fireplace installation in your Wheeling home, it’s best to compare the three types on the market: gas, electric and wood. Making your choice will likely come down to a few things like personal preference and cost-savings. Wheeling area’s fireplace installation specialists at Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s are breaking down the differences between each fireplace so you can make the best choice for your home and budget.

Gas vs. Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces are traditional and picturesque, but gas fireplaces take first place due to their efficiency. The reasons to support this are due to overall maintenance, pollutant emissions, heat loss and costs to run.

  • Cost and Maintenance
    Wood fireplaces and chimneys should be inspected and cleaned each season to protect your home from house fires that can start by creosote build-up created from burnt wood. You may even need to do frequent at-home brick-cleaning to keep your hearth’s brick more visually appealing, as black soot will discolor brick over time. You’ll also have to supply your wood fireplace with wood. This can add up quickly, especially when delivery charges apply. Overall, natural gas is cheap and costs, at max, 20 cents/hour or about 60 dollars annually. However, if you don’t have an accessible gas line or electricity to create optional remote-control capabilities to light the fire, you’ll need to consider the cost of utility work involved to get your gas fireplace up and running.
  • Pollutants and Heat Loss
    Gas fireplaces are fueled by natural gas which burns cleaner than wood, so the release of pollutants in the air goes way down when it comes to a gas insert. And because burning wood requires oxygen, there is more heat loss due to your wood fireplace drawing warm air from inside your home, up and out through the chimney flue. However, if you burn seasoned or kiln dried firewood, wood that is dried out, it will burn efficiently and require less wood to heat your home. You can also add a tempered glass door to your hearth which will increase the heat output within the chimney yet pull less air from within the home.

Gas vs. Electric Fireplace

Gas and electric fireplaces are both efficient, but in the case of a competition, the electric wins overall. Here is a look at why a flameless electric fireplace puts up stiff competition with its gas counterpart.

  • Cost and Maintenance
    Outside of having an outlet or having an electrician come over to install one, there isn’t much cost associated with having an electric fireplace outside of buying one. And unless you want your electric unit to look like a built-in, today’s electric fireplaces require no real construction or formal installation as they’re simply plug ‘n’ play”. Just plug it in, and heat is immediately omitted from the source.
  • Pollutants and Heat Retention
    Some of the rising popularity surrounding electric fireplaces is gained from their “cool-to-the-touch” safety features. While they emit heat, if a child or family pet brushes against it, no one will get burned. They also emit no pollutants and lose no heat because there is no chimney involved. Best of all, the energy required to “fuel” the unit is all converted into heat.
  • Endless Possibilities
    Electric fireplaces give you the freedom of adding an electric unit to areas of your home, like an office or master bathroom, that would otherwise require a lot of construction to install either a gas or wood fireplace and chimney. This is a bonus for many, including those who live in an apartment, to have a fireplace where there isn’t a traditional option to have one. Always be sure to always check with your landlord before adding anything to your apartment, especially a heat source.

Wheeling Fireplaces and Installation

Overall, whatever fireplace you choose is up to you! You may already have a wood-burning chimney; it simply needs some TLC to get back up in order. Maybe you want to upgrade to a gas insert so you can skip tending to a fire and turn it on with the flip of a switch. Or, you may want to add an electric heat source in an area that would otherwise require a lot of installation work.

If you’re considering fireplace installation in your Wheeling home, please call Fireplaces ‘n’ Fixin’s. Call or visit us for all your fireplace installation needs!