About Direct Vent Gas Stove

About Direct Vent Gas Stoves

One of the most popular types of fireplace on the market today, the direct vent gas stove is incredibly efficient and has earned the award for ease of use. As if that weren’t reason enough to check out these beauties, they also are known to promote healthy indoor air quality.

But best of all? Stoves such as Vermont Castings Gas Stoves are where art meets design.

  • Vermont Castings Gas Stoves are cast iron, created with the careful hand of an artist and engineered to be the ultimate in flexibility.
  • You may choose from a variety of colors and finishes to meet your existing décor.
  • As far as functionality, you get to choose the control options too, making the stove a perfect fit for your family and the way you live.

For instance, some Vermont Castings Gas Stoves incorporate technology that allows you to remotely control the thermostat. Stay nestled under your blanket and with the touch of a screen, the unit will respond.

The American craftsmanship of these direct vent gas stoves is a thing to admire, and something you can appreciate every day in your very own home.

Call Fireplace ‘n’ Fixins today to learn more about Vermont Castings Gas Stoves. This neat unit might be the right addition to your home!