About Us

House of Fire for the Ohio Valley

In 1977, Fireplaces ‘N’ Fixin’s began with a simple idea: keep folks warm and service what is sold to keep the customers coming back. We’ve grown considerably over the years, but our mission is still the same—to offer the best hearth products on the market so that our customers can have a comfortable, cozy home.

Fireplaces ‘N’ Fixin’s offers the following:

Wood Burning ProductsRelax

  • High-Efficiency Fireplaces, Stoves, & Inserts: These environmentally responsible, EPA-approved appliances are the perfect solution for rising fuel costs. You can also convert an existing masonry fireplace to a functional, heat producing, beautiful heating system.
  • Add-on Furnaces: Fireplaces ‘N’ Fixin’s carries Woodchuck and Fire Chief wood furnaces that can be used as add-ons or, in some cases, central furnaces. The heat they produce can be evenly distributed through your home’s existing ductwork.

Gas Burning Products

  • Freestanding Gas Stoves: These are popular because of ease of installation and efficiency for our customers. A gas stove, especially if you already have a hearth and chimney, is very convenient.
  • Gas Fireplaces: You can choose between a high-efficiency direct vent fireplace for a new installation, or for those who already have a wood burning fireplace but are looking for higher efficiency and more heat, add a direct vent gas insert.

Electric Products

  • Like an electric heater, electric fireplaces can be plugged in and used anywhere. They’re also 100 percent efficient.
  • We sell the Napoleon and Amantii lines of electric fireplaces. They’re beautiful, can have a 3D flame effect, and can heat up to 400 square feet.

Pellet Products

  • Combine the advantages of wood heating with the benefits of clean fuel, and you get the the AGP (All Grades of Pellets) pellet stove,  capable of heating up to 2,000 square feet while functioning at 75% plus efficiency.
  • The AGP pellet stove comes in two different designs, depending on the manufacturer. Pick the Avalon AGP for a traditional, symmetrical face, or go with the Lopi AGP classic, arched front.

Big Green Egg Charcoal GrillsBig Green Egg in Showroom

  • Touted as “the ultimate cooking experience,” the Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile barbecue or outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined.
  • We offer seven different sizes of the Big Green Egg, as well as “nests” and other grilling eggcessories.

Green Mountain Grills

  • These top quality, wood pellet grills offer an exceptional grilling experience with great hardwood smoke flavor, precise temperature control, and easy clean up. They offer a push button start and the accuracy of digital temperature control, which is adjustable in increments from 150-500 degrees.
  • Three sizes of Green Mountain Grills are available–two for the backyard and one perfect for tailgating. WiFi Point to Point Control is available for all three models.

Napoleon Gas Grills

  • With a gas grill from Napoleon, every feature, every material is engineered to give ultimate performance–so you can create unforgettable meals. These grills have been described as “a work of functional art” and have everything you need to have an entire outdoor kitchen experience in one grilling unit.
  • We offer three different styles of Napoleon Grills, each of which is available in natural gas or propane.

Chimney Products

Chimney Service

Service and Installation Area 

We install and service everything we sell. Our service area covers approximately a 50-mile radius of our location, which includes portions of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

We look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact us or even stop by our showroom at your convenience, where you can see our large selection of fireplaces, stoves, add-on furnaces, Big Green Egg Charcoal Grills, and Green Mountain Pellet Grills. One of our experienced associates is always happy to help!