Wood Burning Products FAQs

Q: Can Woodchuck appliances be used as central furnaces?
A: Yes, in addition to installing Woodchucks as add-ons, using them as central furnaces is becoming more common. They are beginning to replace old oil, gas, and electric furnaces and also come equipped with electric resistance backup heat.

Q: Are Woodchucks only used for heating?
A: No, Woodchucks can also handle up to 3 tons of air contitioning, making it a true multi purpose appliance.

Q: Are wood stoves environmentally efficient?
A: Yes, wood generates the same carbon footprint when it rots in the forest as when it burns in a stove, making it environmentally responsible, especially when airtight, high efficiency, EPA approved appliances are used.

Q: What are the advantages of installing a chimney liner?
A heavy gauge stainless steel liner system is a virtually indestructible chimney liner and will keep the house safe, even under the most severe chimney fire.

Q: What are fireplace inserts and hearth stoves?
A: Fireplace inserts and hearth stoves are types of high efficiency woodstoves that are specifically designed to convert an existing masonry or steel shell fireplace to both a decorative and functional fireplace. Both can raise the efficiency to above 70% while often heating most of the home.

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