Olympic from Avalon

The Olympic wood stove from Avalon is combination of craftsmanship, quality materials, and clever heat technology. Transcending other wood stoves in efficiency and innovation, the Olympic features an easy, single control to adjust heat output; plus, a by-pass damper keeps starting and reloading a clean and smoke-free task.  But one of the …

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H5 Series from Valor

Valor H5 BLACKA legendary heating system, the H5 gas fireplace continues in the Valor tradition of innovation and excellence.  Blending unique materials with stunning heat technology, this system is one both diverse and contemporary.  With a slim design and flexible venting options, the versatile fireplace is perfect for home remodeling or new construction.  Plus, it combines a compact design with a large firebox, giving you the best view of the radiant fire and glowing embers.

Features of the H5 include a programmable Valor Comfort Control Remote, standard safety barrier screen, and a high quality glass window.  Log, glass, and liner choices are abundant, as are the surround color schemes and designs–meaning the H5 is perfect in both contemporary and traditional style homes.  Plus, the H5 operates without electricity or a fan, making for both a reliable and quiet heating experience.

Want more information about the H5 gas fireplace?  Come by the store to see our showroom model, or give us a call today!

Gas vs. Wood vs. Electric

If you are considering adding a heating product to your home, you might be wondering which heat source is best for your situation.  How do you weigh the options among the efficiency of gas, the hominess of wood, and the convenience of electric?  Well, wonder no more – below you will …

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Bristol DX from Hearthstone

Showroom Bristol in Matte Black An extremely powerful source of heat, the Bristol DX gas stove is one of Hearthstone’s best products yet.  Through the use of an intermittent or continues pilot, it will produce up to 25,000 BTUs while remaining reliable and environmentally responsible.  A cast iron heat exchanger …

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Horizon Series from Valor

Horizon gas fireplace in Contemporary Steel front The Horizon zero-clearance gas fireplace is a legend among Valor products for its ground-breaking technology and innovation. Designs are diverse, ranging from contemporary to traditional, and beautiful surrounds illuminate the radiant flames.  It is compact enough to suit a small home, yet can also produce …

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The Monroe from Napoleon

Napoleon’s Monroe is a majestic and traditional mantle package. With a burnished walnut finish, solid wood molding and columns, and beveled base, this electric fireplace will be the focal point of any room.  Plus, the intricate detail of the diamond cut top encases a black slate styled surround, bringing out the beauty of …

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Hearthstone Stowe 8323

Small yet powerful, the Stowe gas stove is delivers reliable zone heating to your home.  Its flexible venting options allows it to provide a cozy ambiance even in the most compact of spaces, and its remote-control start means you’ll receive heat in a timely manner.  Another asset to this little …

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